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I'm James the one in the hat, just in case that wasn't clear. Five years ago, I was very stressed and overwhelmed at my role as a husband and (anxious / exhausted) dad of 3, not really knowing how to be the best man I could be.

Many years, pitfalls and enough flat whites to sink a battleship later, I’m a lot happier and confident and on a mission to help other dads be the best family man they can be without losing their minds.

Dad Mind Matters is a community for dads who feel totally overwhelmed at their new or existing responsibility. It's also for dads who are concerned their mental health is on a slow and silent decline. It's for the dads who always feel like they’re in the doghouse but don’t know why. 

I'm hoping through my content you find some effective and actionable ways to deal with toddler tantrums, passive aggressive partners and hopefully how to get some more happiness and laughter into your life.

If you're struggling, you are not alone in how you are feeling, and I'm hoping the resources on this website might be able to help you find a much needed place where hopefully you’ll realise that you're doing much better than anyone, including you, is giving you any credit for.

Okay I've read this far so I must be a bit intrigued, how can you actually help me?

There are five ways I'm confident I can help.


Some free, some not, sorry, I also still have a mortgage to pay.

(FREE) I film, produce and upload 2-3 new podcast episodes on my podcast and Youtube Channel every week. 

I cover all topics relating to marriage, parenting and mental health. I previously had and continue to have guests on my show who are experts in their fields. I'm confident that by tuning in you might learn some new ways to safely navigate family life & have a laugh, all in the time it takes you to walk to the shop on your completely made up mission to get milk.

(FREE) I create a monthly newsletter about all things relating to marriage, parenting and mental health. All you need to do to sign up is provide you email address. I promise not to bombard your inbox. Subscribe below!

I have an online stress management course that even though its littered with childishness, has had some positive reviews from people all over the world who said they enjoyed the course and that it helped them.

If you are about to become a first time dad and want some support about how to support your partner and your mental health my book, "First Time Dad" might help you. It's available on Amazon via the links on this website.

In a previous life I used to  work in the fitness industry as a Personal Trainer.

(shameless name drop incoming)

I once got to PT and advise Sir Paul McCartney on his body weight squat. I' m also qualified sports psychologist and I train and coach Brazilian Jui Jitsu.

Therefore and without wanting to sound like a massive big head, I'm confident I can support you with whatever mental or physical hurdle might be holding back from the dad life you deserve. 

Wherever you are in the world I genuinely hope you're okay. I also hope you get some support from this website or from one of the resources advertised in it. 

Good luck 


Dad Level 3

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